Vintage Romance

In the heart of winter's embrace, a captivating love story unfolded within the luxurious confines of the unique Margi Hotel.

Bathed in warm tones of burgundy and gold, the setting exuded an old-fashioned romance, a timeless elegance that added a touch of magic to the atmosphere. Antique hydrangeas, gold hand-painted anthuriums, and deep burgundy roses adorned the venue, creating an air of opulence. Vasilina chose a silk mermaid-style gown, that had a vintage charm with hand crafted pearls and appliqué flowers adding a delicate touch. Drawing inspiration from the intimate gatherings the couple hosted in the comfort of their home, we yearned for this wedding to be an extension of those cherished moments. Imagine a celebration infused with vintage-inspired elements—a carefully curated blend of nostalgia and timeless elegance. The floral arrangements, a symphony of nature's beauty, embody the essence of old romance with an asymmetrical allure. Deep burgundy roses, reminiscent of passion and enduring love, blend gracefully with the delicate petals of chrysanthemums, evoking a sense of timeless charm. Golden anthuriums add a touch of luxury. As night fell, the celebration transformed into a lively affair, the party taking on a spirited energy. This winter wedding seamlessly blended classic charm with a dash of extravagance,

leaving behind memories as rich and enduring as the hues that painted the celebration.

Vangelis & Vasilina
Margi Hotel, Athens
Dimitris Pavlidis