Black & White illustrated scenery

In the glamorous ambiance of Vincii Ever Eden hotel on the Athens Riviera,

a wedding celebration of Irini and George unfolded by the poolside, casting a spell of sophistication and modern allure. The setting was adorned in a timeless palette of black and white, spotlighted by handcrafted paper 3D flowers that added a whimsical touch. The bride and groom, chess enthusiasts, incorporated subtle chess elements into their decor, creating a personalized and unique atmosphere. As day turned to night, one of the most renowned DJs, Bobito. set the tone for an unforgettable party! Filling the air with pulsating beats and energy. The photo booth, a delightful and inventive addition, offered guests a playful and memorable experience, capturing the joy and spirit of the celebration in every snapshot. This wedding, a harmonious blend of elegance, creativity, and entertainment, left an unforgettable mark

on the glamorous landscape of the Athens Riviera.

George & Eirini
Vincii Ever Eden Hotel, Athens
White Filming