Magical Forest

Step into a magical world where beautiful autumn-colored flowers, lots of greenery, and seasonal fruits come together to make every part of your space look stunning.

From the grandeur of the church entrance to the serene ambiance around the swimming pool, and even adorning the lamps and chairs, gorgeous decorations create a warm and elegant atmosphere. Guests are welcomed with a vintage mirror and rice cones, adding a special touch. Plus, there's a spread of delicious treats that are sure to make everyone's mouth water. The reception area continues the enchantment with colorful flowers in golden cups on each table. For our little guests, we've created a cozy spot with pillows and tree trunks, where delightful gifts await. It's a blend of imagination and creativity that will inspire any couple

looking for the perfect decor for their big day.


Thanos & Depi
Ktima 28
Aris Ntinos
Aris Ntinos