Idea behind the name of can

The essence of "Can" is deeply rooted in the communication we share with our valued clients.

Much like the fond childhood memories of crafting tin’o’phones for communicating with friends, our name reflects a commitment to open and meaningful dialogue. Additionally, we draw inspiration from the tradition of wedding cans tied to the back of vintage vehicles, symbolizing the lively and protective spirit of newlyweds! In a delightful, noisy, tradition, the "just married" couple sought to ward off any negative energies. At Can Events, this blend of playfulness and tradition underscores our dedication to clear communication and infusing joyous traditions into the significant moments we help create.

We Can

Our experienced team at Can Events carefully plans every detail of your event.

With a keen vision, excellent teamwork, and thoughtful consideration, we're always ready to guide and create your remarkable and luxurious celebration. Your dreams are our priority, and we go the extra mile to bring them to life. The intentional and iconic results of our themed events are crafted through thorough research, and tailored to match your personal style, wishes, and needs.

Can Event’s team

Headquartered in Athens, Can Events, operates as the hub for our creative endeavors, orchestrating splendid concept events in collaboration with highly skilled professionals specializing in various fields.

Our distinctive approach lies in embracing innovative ideas and daring combinations, setting us apart in the event planning realm. To ensure personalized attention and unparalleled service, we limit the number of events we undertake each year, enabling us to treat every client with the individuality they deserve. Comprising a team of dedicated experts, we promise to make your event a dreamy experience, tailored to your preferences and taste.

Meet Catherine!

With a wealth of experience in fine dining as a chef in some of Greece's top restaurants, she decided to venture into self-investment by establishing "Can Events."

Catherine thrives in a dynamic environment, collaborating with diverse individuals and artists who share common traits such as loyalty, dedication to study, meticulous planning, and a shared passion for creativity!

Along with her team, carefully select every detail that makes each event unique, and tailored to meet your needs. Driven by intellectual curiosity, she constantly explores new ideas and ventures. She is dedicated to realizing the project with unwavering loyalty and stability, persisting until she achieves perfection. Her ultimate reward is witnessing the joy on the faces of those who invest in her, creating a bond of mutual confidence.